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Syreeta Fields was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Her passion has always been writing and editing. She wrote in her journals as a way of self-care and being able to healthily express herself on paper. Growing up Syreeta’s favorite subject was English, in which she majored in while attending Northern Illinois University. In June of 2010, she graduated and received her BA in Liberal Arts with the concentration in English and Minor in Journalism. While in college she noticed her love for editing when she became an English tutor. Syreeta remained a tutor for 4 years until she graduated. Following those years, Syreeta experienced being a freelance writer for “True Star” teen magazine and “I am Beloved” women’s inspirational online blog by Alexandria S. Norton Ward. In June 2018 she accomplished her childhood dream by self-publishing Transformation: from Rejection to Deliverance. Syreeta even expanded her skill sets by becoming a public speaker because she loves giving advice and encouraging as well as helping others who are struggling. In 2019 she hosted her first speaking engagement called A Night of Healing and Storytelling. This event helped her have courage in telling her life story to single women to help them overcome life’s obstacles. Currently Syreeta is speaking on social media platforms encouraging singles when it comes to healthy dating, relationships, and marriage preparation. She hopes to gain more experience as a writer, inspirational speaker, and singles coach.  



To an English person, it will seem like simplified English,told me what


To an English person, it will seem like simplified English,told me what


To an English person, it will seem like simplified English,told me what


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Leafless Not Lifeless

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Love Thyself Like Thy Neighbor

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Interview with Barbara Ellison on 'Everyday Riches Show'

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A Night of Healing and Storytelling event I hosted

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Original book

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Black women going for it
Black Women Going for it!
Girl You Guessed It
Girl you guessed it (Part 1)
Girl You Guessed It Part 2
Girl you guessed it (Part 2)
Love Thyself Like Thy Neighbor
A Night of Healing and Storytelling event I hosted
Love Thyself Like Thy Neighbor
Circle 31
The Love Series: Circle 31 Episode 52
A Night of Healing and Storytelling event I hosted
Love Thyself Like Thy Neighbor
Leafless Not Lifeless
EveryDay Riches Show
A Night of Healing and Storytelling event I hosted
Living Your Juiciest Life
making a difference
You Can Make a Difference
the power of women
The Power of Women
Diva Talk Live
Diva Talk Live
Birthing Pains of Process and Purpose
Shauntae C. Hudson
The Nite Cap

Reading Book Club

April, 2023

Sip and Paint Soiree

February, 2023

A night of healing and storytelling

December, 2019

Coaching Services

Syreeta is a Singles Coach that help singles find love. She accomplishes this by using lessons from her past experiences, wisdom and expertise on dating to help build healthier households.
Currently she is offering 1 on 1 coaching packages that caters to the client’s need.

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      Original Book

      Transformation is about the author’s journey of finding love. Syreeta experienced rejection from the womb throughout some of her adult years. She talks about how her heart was restored through her relationship with God, and how she was able to make better relationship decisions. Although Syreeta never saw herself being married, she still had the heart to be faithful and to love. But through God’s grace, she was found by the love of her life, a professional musician: Bass Player, who added to her spiritual values.




      Experience: January 2018- December 2018

      • Blogger, I Am Beloved

        Wrote for an online blog
        Produced impactful content for the reader
        Provided a solution through my life experiences to help connect the reader
        Used biblical references to keep reader engaged
        Submitted blogs twice a month to be published online
        Sent images to Head Blogger that connected with the blog

      • Freelance Writer, True Star Magazine

        Communicated with freelance writing team to decide on topics for magazine articles
        Created abstracts in order to be approved by editor
        Constructed outlines to help begin drafts Edited drafts and prepared articles in order to be published

      • English Tutor, Access Pal Tutoring Center

        Aided college students with their outlines and helped them with their speech assignments
        Checked for grammatical errors in their writing paper assignments
        Helped college students with reading and studying their homework


      • Northern Illinois University

        Dekalb, IL
        BA in English with Minor in Journalism

      • Additional Skills

        Microsoft Word PowerPoint
        Linking Websites
        HTML Links
        Web Pages

      Publications Author, Transformation: From Rejection to Deliverance June 2018

      Self-published 350-page Autobiography about the author’s journey of finding love
      Available on Amazon in two versions: Paperback and Kindle

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      app developer

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